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The Farmfed is an initiative of the Southern Green Farming Multi-State Co-operative Society, with a track record of one and a half decades of unifying the farmer community of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for a better future. Farmfed is the ‘Voice of the Farmers’ who want to nurture a brand truly worthy of winning the customer’s trust and confidence. To provide 100% quality, purity and authenticity, the brand uses frontline technology, efficient resource utilisation, a conducive work environment and global quality control methods. The backward integration ensures the sourcing of pure, wholesome, high-quality raw materials directly from the farmers eliminating the middlemen who exploit the farmers. Fairness to farmers and quality to customers remain the foundational ethic of Farmfed. Let goodness fill your lives, and happiness spills in your plates & dishes!

The Farmer's Promise of Goodness.​​

Farmfed ensures ‘Wholesome Goodness’. And we believe that goodness begins from the cultivation field till it reaches your kitchen. We create the purest and rarest blends to add a ‘natural flavour’ to your lives. Quality products, authentic blends and our rich tradition provide us with a distinctive identity and experience. Choosing the best begins truly with choosing the good. Let’s nurture goodness and grow happiness!

Our Vision

A Vision to Serve Farmers, Customers and the Planet.

To promote natural, sustainable and organic agricultural practices, to support the livelihood of farmers, to manufacture quality spices/food products, that ensure the good health of families, and also contribute towards the preservation of the planet.

Our Mission

The Mission to Ensure Healthy Living and Protection of the Farming Community.

To bring good health to millions through finest quality products, and support the farming community through providing reasonable returns for their efforts.

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